Who We Are

Strategic investments in disruptive water technologies

You’ve developed a truly innovative technology and sold your first pilot units. Now you want to make the push to international commercialization. We leverage our extraordinary network, entrepreneurial experience and capital to grow your company into a commercial success story.

PureTerra Ventures is an investment firm focused on disruptive water technologies with a positive social impact.

Based out of the Netherlands and Shanghai, we combine exceptional entrepreneurial experience, a vast network in the Chinese water sector and strong water technology expertise to create maximum value for our investors and technology companies. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with entrepreneurs and actively contribute to the commercial success of our portfolio companies.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
“Clean Water for All”

Our Mission
“We are committed to enabling technologies and entrepreneurs to provide dramatic, sustainable solutions consistent with the long-term interests of our global environment.“

As seasoned entrepreneurs we strongly believe the power of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercial growth can make a positive global impact. Having offices in China and living with the environmental issues there every day has made us keenly aware of how fragile our global environment is. By enabling entrepreneurs and supporting innovation we aim to make a tangible impact on improving water quality around the world. We believe that not only is this achievable, but can go hand in hand with superior returns for investors and innovators alike.

Our Investment Strategy

Investment focus

We look for early stage technologies in the water and environmental sectors that are poised to make a positive impact on the environment at a global level. We invest from early stage commercialisation onward and are committed to building long-lasting relationships with the entrepreneurs that are behind our portfolio companies.

What we look for

Strong and experienced management team

We invest in people before anything else. The basis before any investment is considered is underpinned by the passion and business intelligence of the entrepreneurs.

Positive social impact

We are committed to partnering with companies and people who share our passion for making a measurable global difference on our global environment.

Ready for commercialisation

You’ve proven your technology works, now it needs scaling.

Strong synergies for active contributions

We are active partners, and want to leverage our network and experience to contribute to your success.

Strong intellectual property

IP strength and patent protection are crucial criterion for investment suitability.

Disruptive innovation

Technologies which can change, improve or replace the existing value chain.

Strong potential for growth

Targets large accessible market segments with a focus on high potential growth areas.

Our Experience

Broad water technology expertise, strong entrepreneurial track record

PureTerra Ventures is the investment arm of CHC Group, which has been active in China for over 20 years. Our team is led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs who have built several sector-leading businesses, employing over 650 people worldwide. Some examples include:

CHC Expo is a leading player in the Chinese exhibition sector. Together with its partner Rai Amsterdam it organises the largest water technology exhibition in the world, Aquatech China. It has consistently out-competed large international organisers through smart positioning and a localised approach, organising a wide range of water-related events in China. Its network and expertise in the Chinese water sector is unrivalled globally.

CHC Product Development is trusted by some of the world’s leading medical, environmental and industrial brands with their manufacturing, engineering and assembly needs. Its expansive network of top quality suppliers, in-house assembly and strict QC procedures guarantee excellent quality at competitive prices.

CHC Agri was founded as a joint venture between Van den Berg Roses and CHC Group to introduce and apply state-of-the-art greenhouse technology in China. Through continuous innovation, aggressive expansion and strong distribution channel management it has grown into the undisputed leader in China’s flower market, employing 350 people and managing a network of 250+ distributors around China.

SK Electric provides companies with the most reliable power supplies in the world and has been developing and manufacturing innovative, efficient and durable transformers and power distribution units for more than 20 years. From their 20,000 m2 manufacturing and assembly workspace and extensive supplier-network they provide companies with one platform for the development, manufacturing and assembly of power subsystems, switchboards and end products.

All products comply with the most stringent international standards such as IEC, TUV, FDA, UL and ETL. Furthermore, SK Electric holds ISO9001; 14001; 13845; and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Having been awarded multiple times by its clients, recently SK Electric was named global best supplier by GE Healthcare. CHC Group acts as SK’s international joint venture partner to develop its activities abroad.

BIC Services aims to provide customers with high quality products whilst at the same time reducing the risks and uncertainties of sourcing from emerging countries.

Increasingly producers of food ingredients from emerging countries are able to meet the requirements of the stringent European food market. At the same time, manufacturers increasingly require full transparency and traceability for all of their ingredients. BIC Services is ISO 22000-certified ensuring control at every stage of the supply chain, as well as guaranteeing first class products and optimal logistics from producer to the customer.