How We Contribute

Through capital investment, sales & distribution support, our entrepreneurial experience and manufacturing & assembly.

We look for early stage technologies in the water and environmental sectors that are poised to make a positive impact on the environment at a global level. We invest from early stage commercialization onward and are committed to building long-lasting relationships with the entrepreneurs that are behind our portfolio companies.

Capital Investment

Our fund is focused on providing growth capital coupled with active contributions and will generally either lead a round or provide a significant portion of it.

Sales & Distribution Support

Through our extensive activities in the Chinese water sector we have access to the largest network of distributors, utilities, government departments, blue chip companies and other key players in the Chinese water market. We take a leading role in managing the distribution network of portfolio companies within Greater China.

Entrepreneurial Experience

In 20+ years of entrepreneurship in China the PureTerra team has built up an exceptional track record in scaling companies.
From organising the largest water exhibition in the world to building the largest flower grower in China and from food ingredients to medical devices, we have grassroots experience and understand what it takes to grow your company into a profitable venture.

Manufacturing & Assembly

One of our group companies is specialized in engineering, manufacturing and assembly of high-end industrial products, in a low volume and high mix format. Our highly skilled team of engineers helps you lower cost and reduce lead times. With our in-house assembly facilities in Shanghai we optimally control final product quality and IP, offering you a safe, effective way to reduce COGS.