PureTerra Ventures at WEFTEC New Orleans

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  • Sep 27, 2018
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PureTerra Ventures will be represented at WEFTEC in New Orleans from October 1-3. Founding Partner Gijsbert de Bruin, Managing Director Alexander Crowell and Investment Director Maarten ter Keurst will be attending the event. If you would like to set up an appointment please get in touch through our contact form.

PureTerra Ventures congratulates Aquafortus Technologies and Bluefoot Membranes

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  • Sep 25, 2018
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We congratulate Aquafortus Technologies and Bluefoot Membranes for winning the Isle-IWA Emerging Technologies Award 2018 during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo last week. A panel of expert judges which included PureTerra Investment Director Maarten ter Keurst chose them out of a group of 11 emerging technologies based on business model, value to end users and innovativeness. Next to this Maarten gave a keynote speech on growth capital in the water technology space and what makes a technology attractive in the eyes of an investor. On day 3 he led a roundtable discussion with leading global utilities and industrial end users about the importance of investment in the water space and the impact which digital technologies and smart monitoring are having on the industry.

Press release:

Press release_Isle_IWA ETPProgram2018 -FINAL

PureTerra Ventures at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

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  • Sep 02, 2018
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PureTerra Ventures will be exhibiting at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo this September 15-20.

Director of Investments Maarten ter Keurst will be serving as a judge on the IWA- ISLE Emerging Technologies Program, selecting the most promising technologies on the show. Next to this, he will be delivering a keynote lecture on Tuesday, discussing what makes a technology attractive in the eyes of an investor, and hosts a roundtable discussion on Wednesday Sept 19 focused on the importance of investments in innovative water technologies.

PureTerra Ventures will have a booth at the ISLE pavilion and can be found at stand #5. If want to set up a meeting, please get in contact through the contact form on our website.

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is the global event for water professionals covering the full water cycle. As the Congress rotates through global cities each event has an extra emphasis on specific interests to the region. This year, the IWA WWCE will center around the digital economy, megacities, diffusion of innovation, disaster resilience and sustainability.

Hydro Venture Partners joins Series B round in Cerahelix

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  • Sep 01, 2018
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We are pleased to welcome Hydro Venture Partners (http://hydrovp.com) on board the Series B financing round of Cerahelix (http://www.cerahelix.com), further validating the unique value proposition of the technology and the great work the team at Cerahelix is doing. Proceeds from this round will be used to increase manufacturing capacity to support growing sales, develop larger format filters with an increased number of channels, and scale marketing and sales capabilities.

Cerahelix manufactures the PicoHelix, a ceramic membrane filter that achieves ten times higher purity than today’s best commercially available ceramic membrane filters. The unique combination of incredibly small pores in a durable ceramic material makes the PicoHelix the ideal choice for challenging water treatment and molecular separation applications. Cerahelix filters are being employed for industrial water-reuse, organic solvent separations, and concentration of bio-based chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The high treatment efficiency achieved by PicoHelix membranes is a result of a patented biotechnology that uses DNA to form the pores in the membrane. The resulting pores are linear and nearly identical in diameter (0.6 to 0.8nm). These characteristics combine to make a membrane that operates at a higher flow rate and utilizes less energy than normal polymeric membrane filters. The narrow range of pore diameters separates molecules that are close to each other in size, extending the cutoff range beyond what is currently achievable by ceramic membranes. This allows Cerahelix ceramic membrane filters to separate salts, metal ions and organic molecules that are dissolved in various types of process water. The durability of Cerahelix ceramic membrane filters allows them to operate under low pH conditions, high temperatures and high total dissolved solids concentrations making them ideally suited for treating process waters common to the Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing industries.

Hydro Venture Partners invests in early-stage, water focused, technology companies that are applying visionary science and engineering to drive efficient water resource utilization across multiple sectors. Hydro Venture Partners leverages their water-focused technical, management and entrepreneurial experience to help accelerate the growth of innovative technology companies helping to solve the world’s water challenges.

ImagineH2O Smart Water Hub @ Aquatech China 2018 is coming this week

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  • May 29, 2018
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We’re very much looking forward to welcoming a full cohort of groundbreaking water technologies to the ImagineH2O Smart Water Hub at our exhibition Aquatech China – Aquatech Global Events Showcase Page this week (31th May – 2 June, 2018).

The Smart Water Hub will host interactive discussions with industry leaders to highlight the opportunities and challenges to the deployment of water innovation in China. Case studies and workshops will provide an opportunity to elaborate on the path forward. A dedicated pitch session will enable each Smart Water Hub exhibitor to present to a distinguished panel of judges and broader audience of water industry professionals.

It’s been a great experience working with our respectable partners Imagine H2O and Isle Utilities, and we thank all for your hard work and contributions.


For complete program overview, please refer to below link:

Smart Water Hub Program Overview_Aquatech China 2018

Maarten ter Keurst speaking at WaterVent Philadelphia

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  • Apr 15, 2018
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Our Director of Investments Maarten ter Keurst will be speaking at a panel session at WaterVent in Philadelphia on May 3rd. During this session he will share with the audience his thoughts on innovative water technologies from an investor’s perspective. Other investors in the panel include Debra Coy from XPV Water Partners, James Z.Li from E.J. McKay Investment Bank, Romie Basra from Wells Fargo, Seth Warren Rose of Eneref Foundation and Jason Wuliger from Splash Link. For a detailed programme please see the attachment.

WaterVent is a platform dedicated to matching innovators and investors the water technology space.

We look forward to meeting you there and hearing about your ideas on water innovation.


PureTerra Ventures announces investment in Cerahelix

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  • Mar 14, 2018
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PureTerra Ventures is proud to announce it led a $2 million Series B round in Cerahelix, out of Maine, USA, completing the transaction March 13th 2018. Secondary investors were Maine Venture Fund and Propel(x), a syndicate of Silicon Valley angel investors.
PureTerra Ventures is excited to be partnering with Cerahelix and their incredible team. The Series B funding will allow the company to significantly expand sales and marketing efforts, scale up manufacturing, develop new product features, and support current operations.
Cerahelix launched its first commercial picofiltration product in 2016, the PicoHelix, a ceramic membrane filter that achieves purity levels at least 10 times higher than commercially available ceramic filters, the company said in a news release.
“Now that we have proven our technology, we are excited to have a strong partner such as PureTerra Ventures supporting our expansion goals. PureTerra brings more than just money to the table. They will be able to contribute to our future commercial success by introducing us to the fast growing Asian water market through their well-established network,” said Susan MacKay, founder and CEO. “The water industry is ready to embrace new technology; this is the right time for us to scale up our Picofiltration technology and expand our reach.”
Cerahelix was founded in 2011 to develop energy saving filtration products using DNA biotechnology combined with ceramic materials. The combination of high purity and durability in a single filter product makes Cerahelix’ PicoHelix filter applicable across multiple industries with wide-ranging applications including industrial water-reuse, organic solvent separations, and concentration of bio-based chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Selling In China’s Industrial Water Sector: How To Find The Right Sales Channels And Partners

Selling in China is not that different from selling elsewhere. But there are several key differences you need to keep in mind. That’s why we’ve compiled a list with five tips to sell in the Chinese industrial water sector.

Don’t Michael Jordan it: First and foremost – adequately protect your IP rights. Also, check for needed certification or product testing to sell your solutions in China.

Don’t go at it alone: The strength of your local network determines your success in the Chinese water market. Which is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to find the right local partner to open up important sales channels.

Strengthen your local presence: Selling your solution is not enough. Being able to provide timely after-sales service is crucial to compete with local competitors.

Target engineering companies and design institutes: The gateway to key-decision makers and your potential end-customers, it’s indispensable to establish and nurture strong relationships with them.

Sufficiently support from abroad: Regardless of how you choose to establish your operations in China, don’t underestimate the required investment (time and money) to support your operations in China.

Let’s take a closer look at these tips:

Always adequately protect your IP – and check for certification and testing

Horror stories of brands being unable to sell their products in China, as they’re already registered by a counterfeit company – teach us that protecting your IP rights is a prerequisite before taking any other action.

Work with a law firm that possesses particular knowledge of this specific industry and register your patents, trademarks and other property rights.

Conducting thorough due diligence on your potential partners can also effectively mitigate risks. If you plan to manufacture (parts of) your solution locally, importing IPR-sensitive parts might be the safer option.

Your partner in China and the relationship you have is pivotal to your success in China

Without a local partner or an established local team it will be extremely difficult to get projects. It starts with acquiring market information and ends with convincing engineering companies, design institutes and end-users to choose your solution.

Given the time it takes to build-up your own presence, it’s much faster to find suitable local partners to gain access to the market. Don’t forget to conduct due diligence, ask for project references to assess their technical capabilities and to verify their contacts and networks by talking to industry experts from other businesses or associations.

Strengthen your local presence

Specifically in the industrial water sector, you’ll want to show your long-term commitment to China and provide credibility and security to your customers. Merely selling your solution won’t cut it. You’ll need to provide sufficient technical support on the ground:

  • Help train, manage and support your distributors or local partners
  • Improve your distributors and upgrade their working methods
  • Provide timely after-sales service to compete with competitors
  • Maintain relationships with key clients and stakeholders
  • Exercise more control over your brand image, marketing, promotion, stakeholders and IPR

Build relationships with engineering companies and design institutes

Regular Chinese distributors may lack in-house expertise and know-how to offer advanced solutions to end-users. The better option are engineering companies, who often choose to act as distributors for equipment manufacturers, especially because this enables them to lower procurement costs and up their own competitive advantage. They not only have the necessary technical capabilities, but also possess valuable local market knowledge and networks to end-users and design institutes.

Design institutes not only co-write tenders, but are also key decision makers on which technologies to consider. Most importantly, they’re opinion is asked by end-users when it comes to selecting suppliers.

Don’t underestimate the amount of support needed from your home organization

To reap the best results, constant support to your local team and partners is needed by your home organization. Don’t underestimate the time and money it will take to break into this market.